Affiliate Policy

Close-up of assorted items in a thrift store

One of the ways Habilitate keeps the lights on is through affiliate links. 

Posts on the site often contain links to products for sale. These are sometimes (though not always) affiliate links, which means they take you to a brand or company’s website and tell them that Habiliate sent you. So if you decide to buy something via the link, we get a small percentage of the sale, and happily, it doesn’t cost you anything extra. So, for instance, as an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases made on Amazon via this site.

Affiliate links are useful because they can aid the longevity and financial viability of sites like this one, they help brands reach new audiences, and — for folks like you — they offer a way to support the things you care about by buying something you want to get anyway. 

To be clear though, you should feel absolutely no pressure at all to buy anything. All links on the site are primarily there to add colour, context and convenience to the content of a given post, affiliate links included. Habilitate was built on a desire to share compelling stories and build a community around a common interest in menswear and clothing in general. Everything else is secondary, and affiliate links are simply a way to keep the site going.

Also, in case you’re wondering, affiliate links are not the same as sponsored posts. In other words, posts containing affiliate links are not paid for by the corresponding brands or companies. Rather, the content always comes first and then the links are added after the fact. Any sponsored content would clearly be marked as such. The site isn’t moulded around a desire to sell a given product. While doing so would no doubt be a canny sales strategy, it would be untenable from a creative point of view and, I suspect, immediately apparent to readers. Everything you’ll read here is born from genuine interest that we hope other people will share.

One last thing: No link on this blog will ever willfully take you to a dodgy site or bad products. Instead, the aim is always to strive for the best possible quality and experience, and affiliate links are no exception.